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Discover Your Why Workshop w/Connie Brock & Shirley Henry - September 14th

Discover Your Why

Despite the best economy in decades

  • Today’s companies often hire unbenefited contractors, instead of employees

  • Local salaries rarely keep up with rising living costs

  • Lengthy commutes and high stress traffic trap us in our cars, wasting precious time and energy and

  • The inevitable end of the current economic expansion may well threaten our livelihoods.

In these turbulent times, we must get clear about why we do what we do.

My clients often struggle with who and what they stand for, while trying to fit into a job that may not honor their values and innate skills. When my clients are clear about the value they bring, they can more easily decide to keep (or tweak) their current job or look for a new one. Perhaps you face the same dilemma?

I would argue that the clearer you are about who you are and the value you bring, the more able you will be to create your future from a firm foundation. If these words resonate with you, join me and my friend, Shirley Henry to explore what it means to Know Your Why, why it matters, how to get clear and a personal action plan.

When: September 14, 2019 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM Where: Center for Spiritual Living, 1195 Clark Street, San Jose, CA 95125 Workshop/Materials Fee: $75

Here is how to register for the class:

email me at with any questions and I can send you the link with the embedded reg link.

Here is how to register for the class:

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