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My clients are trying to make sense out of today’s chaotic work world.

Does one or more of these scenarios fit your situation?

  • You planned for a career with stability and find yourself right-sized, downsized and out-sized all too frequently.

  • You have lost the passion for what you do and/or where you work and want to get back to your sweet spot or create a new one.

  • Your industry or role is on the decline or outsourced and you need to transition to a new one.

  • Your boss is not your champion and opportunities for visibility, growth and advancement elude you.

  • You want to try on new roles and know you have the innate talent to be successful but can’t seem to get momentum

  • You’ve been there and done that and want to reinvent yourself in some way but can’t figure out what that might look like or how to proceed.

  • You’re clear on your direction and doing an active job search but you aren’t getting past the first screening interview.

  • You’re just feeling a general lack of confidence in yourself and struggling to convey your value.

  • You want to make a change but lack momentum, accountability and a sounding board to help you stay motivated and moving forward to a better work life.



My clients are mid-career professionals who have worked in their field for a minimum of eight years, long enough to develop some level of mastery and a sense of what they love and what they don’t love doing. They know that something about their career is no longer working.

Mature Businesswoman


  • high tech

  • aerospace/defense

  • bio/pharma

  • legal and non profit


And come from any size company from start-ups to multinational corporations.



They bring different talents and expertise having held roles in  any of the following areas: manufacturing, engineering, marketing, operations management, human resources, accounting and finance and everything in between and from individual contributor roles to senior level management.



"Connie has the ability to tune into her clients' strengths, and then build a sophisticated job search strategy around them. One that stays true to who they are, and certainly not over-hyped.

She knows the Silicon Valley job scene, expectations, and how to help you market yourself as less of a short-term asset, but more as a long-term solution to a real need.

Connie is fantastic at dissecting a job reqs., crafting great cover letters and building resumes that aren't the usual pedestrian obituaries most end up becoming, but instead, end up as the potent "door-openers" they need to be. 

She is a potent combo of Mother Theresa, General Patton, and a crafty Shark with a PHd."

Tom - Broadcast Media Exec

"She was Instrumental in assisting me in baseline assessment and also navigating several key executive decision points.
Adept in interpreting the key behavioral and personality tests (Myers-Briggs, Strong Interest Inventory, Values-Driven Work and Skills Scan) and developing a great plan."

Frank - Sales & Marketing/Tech

She's insightful and intuitive, because of her previous educational background and work experience. (DIFFERENTIATOR vs. Competition)
"She has the coaching and education background - behavioral training (Masters in Career Development) and work experience on Wall Street, being on-the-line and working in main street corporate and in other organizational environments."

Joe - Pharmaceuticals Biz Dev

She tunes into the critical issues and comes up with insights and suggestions that are invaluable.

Jane - Customer Service/Tech

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